Slate Roofs Make Your House Look Distinctive

Slate roofing is considered to be one of the historic roofing material and is still popular among people. Though it is considered a little costly it lasts over 75 years. Earlier it was used to build the roofs of churches and castles, which were to stay the same for ages. With time it became a common practice even for home renovations.

There are many advantages of it, like its durability, and distinctive beauty, and texture. Other roofing material usually lasts for 20-30 years. It comes in various colors, giving roofs one of its kind of color. These roofs are extremely fire resistant, unlike others. If tiles are engineered, synthetic tiles, these are lightweight.

Along with this, slate roofs are heavy and not every building structure can support it. Also, these are fragile, and due to hail storm or falling off trees, the replacement of tiles could be needed. If these are not installed properly, it could lead to several structural problems and house can be damaged. It is important to hire contractors, who have experience in its installation.

We, being one of the most popular roofing options, have experienced staff for the installation of slate tiled roofs. We use only the best quality material to install these roofs or change the existing roofs.

If you have installed a slate tiled, it is necessary to keep the tiles in good order. Roof spaces should be protected from getting damped or letting it reach the roof timber. If timber is damaged due to dampness, it could cost a lot to replace it. To avoid such issues, it is ideal to take care of things before it’s too late. Though, we are here to help you with the roof demages and make your home more secure.

People have been preferring slate tiles due to its attractive appearance, which is a great appeal to many. These also have longer time spam and lasts for decades, without worrying. You just have to take care of basic precautions. The maintenance is rarely needed for slate tiles and the color choices make it even more desirable. There is no definite reason why you should not opt for the slate tiles.

To help you with the changing of your tiles, renovate the house, repair it or even to install the slate tiles, we are always here to help you.