Why opt For Tiled Roofs Services?

Tiled roofs add beauty to the house and are durable. Previously these tiles were usually made from baked clay or slate but with time, these are made up of concrete. The tiled roof may be heavy on the pocket but if quality material is used to build these roofs, it can last for up to century.

Tiled roofs could be effective in the areas where the atmosphere is usually hot or the air is salty. There are different types of roof tiles, these could be curved, interlocking, flat or even fluted. Before installing it, one must consider all the pros and cons of it.

Advantages of Tiled Roofs

One of the advantages is that they are extremely long lasting. Especially with the use of concrete, these roofs are known to stay strong and survive through all kinds of storms and even if the house catches fire. These can easily stay for almost 100 years, without any worry of changing the roof anytime soon.

If wood or other types of roos are installed, there is a high risk of it decaying, or rotting but in case of tiles, there is no issue of it getting damaged. These are made up of environmentally friendly and can be recycled, as there are no chemicals involved in the making of it.

Tiled roofs aid in regulating the temperature of the house and are very low maintenance. There are rarely any leakage issues or any need for maintenance. Also, these gave a very traditional as well as of contemporary European, adding a little style of your choice.

Disadvantages of Tiled Roofs

When it comes to the disadvantages, the only troubling could be that these are expensive. By paying a heavy price, installing it could also be an issue. A experience installer will be required in order to take proper measurements and take care of other installment processes.

Tiled roofs could be heavy and may require some structural reinforcement when these are to be installed. Therefore it is important to consult an engineer before installing these, where the roof can handle it or not. Specific slopes types are also required when these are to installing, as not all are responsible.

We have been offering installation services for decades, with an experienced team of Slaters and Tilers. Our service providers will help in installing and repairing, as per needs without getting out of your budget.

Our latest techniques and durable material will give you fine quality, without taking too long in the process. Services we provide include:

  • Repairing extreme weather damage
  • Repairing and pointing chimney stacks
  • Tiling and slating
  • Soffits, fascias, and guttering
  • For commercial extensions and buildings, pitch roofing is offered
  • Re-roofing older roofs
  • Maintaining the roofs and repairing them
  • Installing new tiled roofs

We provide services that will not only satisfy your needs but also give you a world-class experience, make your building look significant.